Thursday, March 3, 2011

Every BODY Has a Story: Belly Out

Every BODY Has a Story: Belly Out


"When I was twenty-five, I had a lot of trouble controlling my inward looking nature. It was uncomfortable to not be able to leave my own thoughts, and the competitive education and jobs I had only served to make this phenomena worse.

I decided that I needed a physical sign on my body to force me to remember to look out- to put energy into the world instead of keeping it inside. I wanted to send goodness to others, not stay in my own head.

I have always felt my belly is the core of my body, and this seemed like a natural place to tattoo this message.

I chose a compass and sun shaped symbol because the sun shines out, and the compass helps to direct.

After I got the drawing, the artist asked me where I wanted the design. When I told him I wanted it on my belly, he asked if I was planning to have children. At the time, I wasn’t… But now, two children later, I can’t think of a tattoo I would want to wear on my pregnant belly more.

The image was very hard to place evenly because of the shape of the body, and the artist had to try three times. It was worth it. Though I may not have accomplished all my goals, I always have a beautiful reminder."

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